HINO Smart Insurance

HINO Smart Insurance

With HINO Smart Insurance that comes with your new trucks, you can now enjoy better benefits

and protection from our Insurance Partners.

The Benefits

  • Full Claim Coverage

    You are eligible to claim 100% of your sum insured during the first year in case of stolen or total loss, subject to the terms by your selected insurer.
  • Replacement with New Parts

    You can get new parts replacement without betterment if your vehicle is less than 5 years old.
  • Nationwide Claim

    Please refer to your insurer for a complete list of Hino Authorized Dealer at which you may submit you claim.
  • Fast Claim Approval

    Requirement for onsite adjusters’ inspection is waived for claim values below RM10,000.
  • No Excess Payment

    Excess is waived for vehicles aged 5 years and below*.
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