Dakar Overview

Technological advancement is a succession of challenges. The taking on of challenges involves both skill and technique. The HINO spirit - which drives us to constantly take on technological innovation - races through the Dakar Rally.


Contestants in the Dakar Rally race for about 2 weeks over a route spanning 10,000km under harsh conditions. Why is HINO bent on taking on the challenge of this race which is considered to be the most tortuous race in the world? The answer to this question can be found in HINO's passion for technological innovation.

Trucks form the foundation of logistics operations. Technologies that enable environmental compliance in the form of reduced emissions, fuel economy, powerful driving performance, and safety - all crucial elements of trucks - are required to become more sophisticated every day. There will always be challenges that must be overcome in order to meet the ever increasing demands of the market. We must not give up no matter how formidable the wall is in front of us. We must continue to take on these challenges. HINO's world-class technologies are the products of this fervent mental fortitude and passion.

This is also why we take on the challenges that the Dakar Rally throws at us. We do not give up. We are confident. We believe in our team. Every time we take part in this race, we renew our conviction that there is no such thing as unrewarded effort and that a great joy lies ahead of us when we carry our passion to accomplish our objectives. The vision we see beyond the goal line is the image of HINO taking on the next challenge to achieve technological innovation.


Hino has finished in all 25 Dakar Rallies since it first entered the race, and swept the Trucks category championship for the first time in the category’s history in 1997

In 1991, Hino Motors became the first Japanese truck manufacturer to enter the Dakar Rally—known as the “world’s most grueling rally,” where as few as 20.5 percent of entrants actually cross the finish line. Since its very first year in the race, Hino has finished all 25 races it started. In 1994, Hino came second in the overall Trucks category, and finished again as runner-up in the 1995 rally.

In 1997, Hino astonished the world with a one-two-three sweep in the overall Trucks category. Hino has finished in second place in three races since, and continues to deliver performance befitting one of the top-class Trucks category contenders. Hino has also won seven straight championships in the Under 10-litre Class, which was included in the Trucks category between the years of 1996 and 2002. The Class was subsequently discontinued for a period of two years, but was reinstated in the 2005 race, where Hino duly won the Class championship. Hino won the Class championship again in 2007, and is currently on a seven-year winning streak from 2010 through 2016.


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